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In Estonia

Well, Damien and I have made it to Estonia in one piece! The bikes are a little beat up from the air travel, but still functioning adequately.

We're currently in Narva, which is on the Russian border - we're going to attempt the border crossing today and hopefully land in St. Petersburg by tonight.

Our first two days were rainy! And mostly uneventful.
I've learned that in Estonia, instead of saying "Hello" or waving, people treat you to a steely-eyed glare. Apparently the appropriate way to return this greeting is to glare back unflinchingly until they look away. Friendly place.

The riding's been good in Estonia. Smooth pavement, good shoulders, lots of bike paths too if you're off the highway. Tallinn would be a great city to do day rides out of.

Anyway, off to St. Petersburg! And perhaps pictures, if we find an internet place that doesn't run on friggin' windows 95.


5 thoughts on “In Estonia

  1. katrin

    well, guys
    who has told you east europeans are friendly as americans and canadians are 😉

    @damien: did you get my message i've send via this platform or did it get lost?

    anyway, i just wanna wish all the best to all of you and, please, be cautious in russia...some people can be a bit harsh sometimes.
    @damien again: if you make it to beijing/china...let me know before...i got a contact over there you could meet if you are interested (not female though!)

    greetings from berlin, katrin

  2. nelson

    good to hear you made it there in one peice i have been keepin a track all week and didn't hear nothin i got a little worried but now its sound like you guys are alright. keep us updated and can't wait to see pics AND BE CAREFULL russia is still commi isnt it 😆

  3. ric

    Probably better riding in the rain than in this heat in Guelph Zack. Glad the trip is started and looking forward to future posts and pics


  4. John

    Hi Zack,
    We went with your parents and the Robsons to the end of the Goose and back. It was a wonderful trip. The trail from Vic goes through industrial, then suburban areas and then into woods and often open views of the ocean as we got closer to Sooke. All the best with your trip. Will follow w/interest, J&T

  5. ann

    Hi Zack,
    Sounds like St. Petersburg was a memorable place for you. We will enjoy reading future entries. All the best. Ann & Arthur

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