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Why participate?

On the individual level, it is a daring, ambitious, incredible but an entirely possible undertaking for anyone. Russia is the last frontier for the cyclist – at least in terms of distance. Many experiences change your life, this one will revolutionize it.

The trip is expected to appeal to participants on two fronts:

1. Their own personal growth, experience and interest;

2. Their desire to serve a good cause and to take action to help overcome today’s single-most important global concern: the environment. More precisely, to serve the greater good by raising awareness and acting as role models. To do more than criticize and analyze on the sideline.

Appeal #1: Personal Growth (self)

- Achieve something very few will manage to do in their life;

- Get your body in a physical shape that it has probably never previously attained;

- Go beyond your limits, surprise yourself by discovering your real strengths;

- Break the routine, refocus, escape and even rediscover yourself;

- Visit some of the planet's most fascinating regions including the world's deepest lake (Baikal, Russia), the world's most populous nation (China), the world's most sparsely populated country (Mongolia) – and obviously so much more;

- Integrate yourself within a team of like-minded people and share with them experiences that will teach plenty about of human interpersonal relations;

Appeal #2: Role Model and Awareness Raising (Self)

- You will take action. You will not stand by the sideline and only observe – you will do your share. You will talk the talk AND walk the walk.

- Demonstrate environmental integrity by limiting your footprint on the planet and by being a role model while doing so;

- Do your share to address the single most important issue of our lifetime;

- Help raise awareness and serve as an inspiration to others;

- Learn about new cultures, about a people in a transitioning economy. Better understand others on this planet;

- Collaborate with a fantastic group of people at the Otesha Project (, dedicating themselves to serve the same cause in Canada