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7000 km and Irkutsk at last!

It was most definately a very tortuous and eventful last 32 days. Indeed, a full month of everyday riding, a few mountain ranges, solid coldness, scarcity alongside complete isolation, 70 km of muddy unpaved Siberian roads, bike breakdowns and then bike breakdowns again, physical attacks involving minor theft and punches by drunken Russians and so much more - but we've made it! It took some effort, patience, determination and every bike shop between Omsk and Irkutsk but it's quite something to have rolled 7,000,000 consecutive meters on Russian territory!

At last, it's now time to treat ourselves to a quasi-rest day (might I say - well-deserved!) as we anchor down here in Irkutsk to acquire our Mongolian visas. Then, we'll be off toward Ulan Ude, along the shores of the World's deepest & oldest lake as we try to catch our other 2 team mates currently rolling ahead towards the Mongolian border.

'till next time,

Damien, Irkutsk

2 thoughts on “7000 km and Irkutsk at last!

  1. Sasha

    Kudos to the team!

    I am very proud of all of you and glad to hear that you are safe. Can't wait to hear about the harrowing experiences (drunken-Russian punch??) in person. Stay safe and keep the world posted, we await with baited breath.

  2. gadjoxav

    Hi Guys,
    it's always OK to go restaurant and Dancing tonight in Ulaan Bataar? and Tomorrow the train for Pekin ?
    oh sorry ...

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