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Riga -> Tallinn -> St Petersburgh -> Tver

Well I think this will be my last post... soon we will be able to post under Team... since in a few minutes I will be meeting with Damien and Zack !

(I was going to write something about the last few days ... but I have to abort since I have to go meet them 🙂


3 thoughts on “Riga -> Tallinn -> St Petersburgh -> Tver

  1. Steve

    Sorouche, FYI, you're not missing anything here at work. :mrgreen: How many kilometers have you travelled so far?

  2. Sorouche

    Covered about 3700 km i think ...
    Hey Leah... I don't think i miss work 😉
    ...actually after a while when you bike over 7.5hours... you do regred work 😀

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