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Mission Accomplished!


Last night, at the gates of the Forbidden City in Beijing, Sorouche and Damien completed their trip.

It's been an adventure of some 9200 km jam-packed with adventure, awesome people, fantastic scenery and loads of learning of all sorts.

For Sorouche, this is mission accomplished: Moscow to Beijing. For Damien, this was the final leg of his world cycling circumnavigation.

Many thanks are needed but in particular, to Sasha, Nathan and Zack for participating in various segments of the trip. Thanks also to all others who contributed in various ways to both the planning and the delivery of this most wonderful of adventures.

It's now time to rest a little until the next big adventure begins!

Damien & Sorouche, Beijing

9 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. Orijit Pandit

    Congratulations Sorouche! Look forward to seeing you back here in Deep River! I am sure you will have alot of stories to tell.

  2. Andrew

    Nice job Damien! It's truly unbelievable - congrats! I'll have a cold beer waiting for you here in London when you make it to Europe.

  3. Rajib Reza made it! Congrats on the mission accomplished. This is great news..for a while none of us had any idea where you guys were. Looking forward to seeing you back home. I'll have some champagne waiting for you in the We'll celebrate together.

  4. Gajan

    Wow, you all look like you just got out of bed? Could be just me though 🙂

    All joking a side, an amazing accomplishment to say the least.

    See you back in Canada Zoro

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