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The objectives of the Russia Crossing trip include:
1. To cross the largest country on earth using human energy alone.
2. To raise awareness about environmental and social issues primarily by demonstrating environmental integrity (i.e. cycling).
3. To use various communication means readily available in Canada and abroad to disseminate information and thereby raise awareness about the trip and its environmental and social cause.
Donate a bike
Please consider a
to get a bike for African health care workers to speed up delievery of ARV drugs to HIV/AIDS patients.
The goal is to raise money for the Kona Bike Town project. 100% of donations will go to the Kona Bike Town project.
We decided to support this project because it has social as well as environmental aspects. We greatly appreciate your support in this cause.
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Raised:  1 bike

Well there is this project called "Kona Bike Town".
You can donate a bike to African home health care workers. The bikes will aid home health care workers in the delivery of ARV drugs to HIV/AIDS patients in a variety of African countries.

We believe in this project because not only it improves people social life, but it also improves the environment.

If you are interested to donate a bike please head to