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We've reached the city of Chelyabinsk, and officially crossed in to Asia!

Unfortunately, the only member of the team who bothered to learn to read Russian script also happened to be the slowest climber - thus, by the time I reached the top of the pass and the admittedly ugly monument, the other two were already halfway down the other side. Fortunately I also learned to use the 10-second timer on my camera!

I'll also confess to experiencing some frustration with this Russian OS and this website. Posting pictures just takes time that we really don't have. Trying for at least one, though; a little big, but I guess it works?

Onwards in to Siberia!


5 thoughts on “Asia!

  1. Evgeniy Mokrushin

    Hi, guys! You're already crosses the Ural hills and now on the way from Chelyabinsk (it's my city) to Kurgan. My congratulations! I met you by chance, and I was try to help you. I let you say, how it succeeded to me 🙂

    In Chelyzbinsk guys bought some bike parts, Sorouche replaces his front break shoes... (I was try to help them to communicate the mechanician and seller).

    I was left guys near the Internet Cafe, after the vizit of that they decided to leave the city.

    I want to wish luck to you, and I'm glad to see you and to talk with you! Thanks for this!

  2. Zack's Mom

    Zack! I love this picture. If you "save image as", the picture is much clearer and you can see that you have a thumbs up and also that the sign has been tampered with. Is that E supposed to be there (to the right of the line)? Did an E fall off and someone try to fix it, or did someone add an E to be funny? Good thing you got this shot, probably one of the more significant pictures you'll take on this epic ride. Cheers to the team!

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