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Approaching fast!

Hello, internet!

This is mostly a test post. However, things are rapidly falling in to place as we creep closer to our respective departure dates.

For myself, I leave on the evening of Saturday, July 28th. The other notable news item is that I've finally got my hands on my shiny new Urbanite touring bike! Can I figure out how to upload a picture?

Hmm, looks good so far! More tinkering (and posts) are in order.


Zack’s Bike

7 thoughts on “Approaching fast!

  1. Mom

    Steve and Dave want to give you the number of their friend, Bob Andrew, who lives in Moscow.

  2. ric

    Zack! The time has come! Trust all is well with the group with no last minute glitches. Betty and I will be watching for posts and pictures of your journey. Travel safe and travel far, enjoy 😀

  3. ric

    Okay Zack, Elspeth's dad ric here. Tried to leave messages before but I'm not sure I was successful. Wish you a wonderful trip, full of adventure and learning. Travel safe

    ric & Betty

  4. Elspeth

    Well, at least your mom and my dad like leaving comments. Hope Tallinn finds you (and your bike) in one piece on Monday.

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