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A shorter update

We've reached Kazan! And are currently enjoying a much needed day of rest. This entails a hotel room, extremely long showers, having our laundry done by chambermaids (with some pieces being done in the bathroom sink with handsoap since I forgot to fish them out of my bag before the maid took the load) and sleeping indoors in actual beds. Meals at restaurants, discussions with waitresses greatly amused at our pitiful Russian vocabulary, and, time on the internet!

Tonight we bid farewell to Sasha, who, after an extremely trying week of cycling, is headed back towards Moscow. 90 cent beers and sausages should do quite nicely.

Tomorrow, we hit the road, and head east, where hopefully the Ural mountains will provide a break in the otherwise mundane and repetitve scenery!


2 thoughts on “A shorter update

  1. Rustam

    hey guys,
    it's pity we didn't meet in Moscow..
    nevertheless I'll be visiting your page
    hope you'll be having further safe and interesting trip
    take care!

  2. steve

    hey zack, i am leaving vancouver now for beijing. will miss u in china, but i will be sure to email to ur gmail account now and then during my travels in asia/se asia/india/australia. take care buddy.


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